AVerMedia AVerDiGi SEB3104H DVR

Description: AverDigi SEB3104H AverDigi SEB3104H is the newest Avermedia H.264, 4 Channel compact DVR which allow you to encode at 4 channels 120fps @ D1 quality.

Key Features:
Advanced H.264 compression
4CH 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL) D1 real-time recording
Intelligent GUI design for easy learning and operation
Full functional control utilizing mouse
Individual adjustable channel frame rate and resolution
Motion detection mask (44x30/44x36 blocks)
Support 4CH PTZ cameras
Compatible with AVeDigi RA4000e and AVerDigi HDD Box via eSata interface
Remote software integration: Remote Console, Webviewer, JavaViewer, iphoneViewer, iBlackberryViewer, CM3000/CM3000 Gold
Video Feature:
4 Composite video inputs (BNC connector)
1 TV, 1 VGA & 1 Spot Monitor output simultaneously
Video compression: H:264
4 channel audio inputs/ 2 channel audio outputs for the same signal
Video resolution: 720 x 480/ 720 x 576 (NTSC/PAL)
Display Frame Rate: Total 120/100fps (NTSC/PAL)
Hue/Brightness/contrast/Saturation adjustable
Recording resolutions:
Full D1: 720x480/720x576 (NTSC/PAL)
Half D1: 720x240/720x288 (NTSC/PAL)
CIF: 352x240/ 352x288 (NTSC/PAL)
Recording Frame Rate:
Full D1: 120x100fps(NTSC/PAL)
Half D1: 120/100fps (NTSC/PAL)
CIF: 120/100fps (NTSC/PAL)

Recording Mode:
Schedule recording (set by week)
Always/ Sensor/ Motion/ Smart recording
Auto Recycle recording
Auto record enabling
Remote Access:
Support CMS
Support Remote Console & WebViewer
Playback Mode:
Video search by date/time/visual/event
Infinite event list for easy search (limited by HDD size)
A-B video repeat playback
Free Playback Application Software
Playback from pen drive
Playback and backup on any PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7
Converting files to AVI format enabling to playback on Windows Media Player
Video segment selectable for repeating playback and backup
4 sensor inputs
2 Relay outputs controlling alarm, lock, light, or other devices
Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree
Dimension: (D)160mm x (W)235mm x (H) 50mm
Net Weight: 0.580Kgs

Quantity: 1
Manufacture: AverMedia
Website: http://www.remote-security.com/SEB3104H.htm#3
Purchased from: Other

Price per unit: £220
Purchase date: 10 Jan 2011 00:00
Funded by the project: Polymer control - An integrated system of inferential measurement and control of polymer extrusion …

This equipment is current in: Room 9.021, Control Lab
It is management/used by: Dr Jing Deng
Device still in use/working order?: Yes