Air quality gas sensor, TGS2602-B00

Description: For the detection of air contaminants such as ammonia and H2S; odorous VOCs
PCB Mounted Gas Sensors
Operating conditions in which Sensors are used will vary with each customer's application. We strongly recommend that you consult our technical staff before using gas sensors. Gas and oxygen sensors are not authorised for use as critical components in life support applications wherein a failure or malfunction of the products may result in injury or threat to life. Non-calibrated PCB gas sensors will not operate properly if not calibrated prior to usage.
Semiconductor gas sensors for gas detection, air quality control, HVAC, appliance and automotive industries. Characteristics of the products in this range are small size, low cost, long life, low power consumption and no maintenance requirement

Quantity: 1
Manufacture: Figaro
Document: 0900766b8065f325-1.pdf
Purchased from: RS componnet

Price per unit: £12
Purchase date: 22 Nov 2011 00:00
Funded by the project: Polymer control - An integrated system of inferential measurement and control of polymer extrusion …

This equipment is current in: Room 8.005, EPIC
It is management/used by: Juan Yan
Device still in use/working order?: Yes