Sensor Retroreflective, sr 3500mm

Description: Bulletin 42JS VisiSight™
Small rectangular photoelectric sensors. Ideal for material handling, packaging and assembly applications.
Visible light source offered on all models for ease of alignment
Industry standard 25.4mm (1in) mounting hole spacing
ASIC design offers linear sensitivity adjustment, stability indication and excellent noise immunity
Compact sealed housing and cavity-free design minimize collection of dust and debris while allowing for easy sensor cleanup
360° visible LED status indicator
Allen Bradley Photoelectric Sensors

Quantity: 1
Manufacture: Allen Bradley
Purchased from: RS componnet

Price per unit: £38.30
Purchase date: 22 Nov 2011 00:00
Funded by the project: Polymer control - An integrated system of inferential measurement and control of polymer extrusion …

This equipment is current in: Room 8.005, EPIC
It is management/used by: Juan Yan
Device still in use/working order?: Yes