Friday 20 May 2011 Project Description

Subject: Viscosity control in polymer extrusion
Date and Location: 20 May 2011 10:00 - 11:30, 7th floor Conference Room, Ashby
Attendees: Kang Li, Minrui Fei, Xueqin Liu (Amy), Jing Deng, Chamil, Wanqing Zhao (Horace), Long Zhang (Will).
Message: None


  • Chamil did some work on fuzzy control
  • We will develop practical control package
  • The problem in system identification of viscosity: limited measurement
  • The main concentration is control
    • reduce setting up time
    • controller with less data
  • Viscosity equation:
    • $\eta = k \frac{\Delta P}{Q}$
    • where $\eta$ denotes the viscosity,
    • $\Delta P$ is the pressure drop at the die,
    • and $Q$ is the through put.
  • The challenge here includes
    • How to measure $\Delta P$ and $Q$
    • What's the relationship between $\Delta P$ and $Q$
    • How to design experiment to collect data? and how many data points required for modelling or control?
  • Fault diagnosis is used to monitor the control performance, and help to choose proper control strategy while the process condition changes.
  • The plant is linear while the control output is nonlinear
  • Have a look at wiener model (prof Bia's paper) and Hammerstein model