Machine Twin Screw Extruder
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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rheomex PTW 16 OS
  • The parallel small-scale-compounder Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rheomex PTW 16 OS with its unique design is the perfect instrument for running lab-scaled compoun-ding and blending tests. With its 16 mm screw diameter, only very small sample volumes are needed to enable research and development teams to run tests in the early stages of formulation developments. The horizontally split barrel, with top half fitting upward, allows easy inspection of the melting and mixing behavior. For an optimi-zation of this behavior, the screws can be configured individually.
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  • The right hand control box is haake polylab os rheodrive 7
  • Located at PPRC, QUB

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Thermo Scientific, TSE 24 MC Twin Screw Extruder
  • Located at Bradford University,

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  • Located at Bradford University,

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Rondol Twin Screw Extruders