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  • NanoPZ Ultra-High Resolution Actuator, 12.5mm Travel
  • Located at Bradford University
  • The NanoPZ Ultra-High Resolution Actuator provides exceptional nanometer-scale remote control of manual-positioning stages and opto-mechanical components over large distances, in hard to reach spaces and in hazardous hands-off applications, like high-power laser experiments. The NanoPZ's non-rotating tip helps prevent contact surface wear and allows for direct load attachments. Newport's exclusive design and innovative piezo motor ensures 30 nm incremental motion capability with no loss of position when power is removed. Unlike some other piezo-based devices, the NanoPZ design does not rely on varying static and dynamic friction forces, which can provide inconsistent performance and premature failure. The NanoPZ incorporates the exclusive piezo micro stepping motor and with ergonomic controls, provides consistent results, superior reliability and unmatched ease-of-use. All this, plus >0.2mm/s speed, 50 N load capacity and more quiet operation, it's easy to see why the NanoPZ outperforms the rest. Use with the PZC200 controller or for a complete actuator/comtroller kit, order the PZC200-KT.

Model PZA12
Travel Range 12.5 mm
Minimum Incremental Motion 0.03 ┬Ám
Maximum Speed 0.2 mm/s
Axial Load Capacity (+Cx) 50 N
Cable Length 3 (included) m
Base Material Aluminum
Drive Mechanism Direct-drive non-rotating lead screw, no gear
Feedback Open loop, no encoder
Limit Switches Fixed, jam-proof hard limits
Motor Non-resonant piezo micro-stepping
Drive Type Non-resonant piezo micro-stepping motor
Origin None
Weight 0.13 kg (0.29 lb)