Wednesday 8 June 2011 Survey Discussion

Subject: Viscosity control in polymer extrusion
Date and Location: 1 June 2011 14:00 - 17:00, 7th floor Conference Room, Ashby
Attendees: Kang Li, Xueqin Liu (Amy), Jing Deng, Dajun Du, Weihua Deng, Wanqing Zhao (Horace), Long Zhang (Will)
Message: None


  • how to write proposal in China
  • give us a sample


  • Proposal in UK, concentrate on social impact, such as enterprise, social (medical, human)
  • UK proposal in UK is different in China (need to be confirmed)
  • Proposal: Problem – challenge – solution – details – approaches (similar to writing a paper)
  • Paper (one topic, small aspects), proposal (systematic, logical, top-down)
  • Control for advanced material (survey, quality control, new area, challenge in extrusion of hyper material, food), advanced applications.


  • English proposal version draft - Jing
  • Chinese version - Dajun